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Work groups are created from community initiative.They are based on volunteering and willingness to participate. Free to create or join! Get in touch with one of the work group leaders to join. Community work groups should not expect compensation before a formal proposal is voted.

They are full or part-time committed, have mandatory tasks & duties. Based on DAO needs. They contribute to everyday DAO operations. Applicants usually follow the process below to get enrolled.

  • the DAO highlights a needed position : workload, tasks&duties, hours committed, wage. Members apply for it, DAO members vote on the candidates, then final decision is set in stone on snapshot in a standard governance cycle.

  • you think you can fit in a lacking but needed position in the DAO structure : jump in our discord's token gated channels, explain why you think you can benefit the DAO, what would be your tasks&duties, workload, hours committed, wage. Put up a proposal and ask to be included in a governance cycle.

A list of paid contributors and workgroups can be consulted here.

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